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Artificial Intelligence ideally matches clients' requests and professionals
The most efficient way in India to find the best self-employed professional for any service

About Us

Marketplace created to facilitate to the utmost doing business by self-employed professionals around the world.

All Professionals is a marketplace that effectively connects self-employed professionals and clients by artificial intelligence (AI). Self-improving artificial intelligence determines quickly the most optimal performers for each request as well as independently informs these specialists about potential orders. Simultaneously, AI is able to ask the parties about the necessary details (by voice or text) and provide clients with the choice of ready-made proposals.

The company plans to gather on this marketplace profiles of all private specialists and get objective feedbacks from clients on everyone.

All Professionals is supported and developed through the combined efforts of self-employed professionals. Each specialist registered on the website can finance or provide little assistance in the development of a common resource, thereby raising their rating and increasing their attractiveness among clients.

Key facts and figures


Loc, Switzerland

International network

239+ countries worldwide:
Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Italy, Germany, Russian Federation, Brazil, Canada, Spain, India, The Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Greece, South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Iceland, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Argentina, Lithuania, Belarus, Austria, Latvia.

Important notes:

  • profiles of professionals are open for clients from any country
  • as a rule, higher remuneration is offered by foreign clients
Professional directory (Worldwide)

215,000+ professional profiles

Important notes:

  • Profiles of professionals in almost all fields of activity
Sites visits (Worldwide)

790,000+ visitors per month


Almost all professionals and clients gathered at one place

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Professional profiles

Feedbacks on professionals

90.000+ feedbacks on professionals from real clients used their services

Private professionals

Most of the profiles on the website are created by private professionals

Relevance of profiles

The profiles are up-to-date and valid due to:

  • social moderation by the users themselves;
  • spot check by site administration.
Convenience and time saving

More than 50+ different filters for easy selection and sorting of profiles to match individual requirements of every user

The most detailed profiles of professionals (50+ parameters)

Contact availability

Possibility to contact any specialist directly yourself, or to receive a recommendation for choosing a specialist from artificial intelligence, without making any effort


Search for orders

Clients for services (Worldwide)

790.000+ potential clients on the website per month

Important notes:

  • a client can study profiles and feedbacks on professionals in details
  • can rely on the choice of artificial intelligence and effortlessly get ready-made proposals from the best matching specialists
Profile views (Worldwide)

240,000+ persons per month

Convenient selection of professionals

Every user can leave an order describing their problem on the website, and any professional can respond to it

  • artificial intelligence can independently determine the best performers for each specific request and independently contact them so that they send their proposals to the clientustomer
Requests for professional services (Worldwide)

1,000+ requests per month

6,000+ responses of professionals per month

New requests alerts

Artificial intelligence notifies the best matching specialists about each new request
Possibility of subscribing to the newsletter about all the relevant requests

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Our mission

Website developers consider it their mission:

  • Provide the most convenient tool for searching clients by self-employed professionals due to the use of modern technologies
  • Minimize the time spent by all parties of the transaction
  • Gather profiles of all professionals and objective feedbacks on them at one place
  • Constantly develop the website expanding its functionality to make interaction of clients with professionals more convenient and efficient
  • All Professionals offers a comprehensive and effective approach to the task of finding the best specialists for any service!
* - at the stage of initial filling of the professional directory, information from the regional segment is temporarily unavailable for users from other countries.

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